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Yale Film Archive Presents: 2 Films by Nicholas Doob - 16MM

Documentary, Music | 1973 - 1979 | 84MIN


Nicholas Doob


David Sewall
Brother Blue
Jimmy Davis

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LONDON SONGS (1973, 27 min, 16mm)
Prior to STREET MUSIC, Doob made this documentary, which follows his Yale classmate David Sewall, a violinist and singer, as he performs traditional and original songs on the streets and in the pubs, parks, and markets of London. In color and in black and white, Sewall’s unique style and good humor transfix audiences of curious school children, West End theater-goers, and passersby on the sidewalk, with his energetic performance of then-current hit “Young Girl” for a group of Covent Garden flower sellers a particular highlight. Preserved at Fotokem, 2021.

STREET MUSIC (1979, 57 min, 16mm)
This feature-length documentary presents performances by 19 street musicians in seven cities across the United States, and was one of Doob’s first feature-length films. The film features singers, guitarists, drummers, dancers, and others, including street performance legends like Porkchop, Brother Blue, the Automatic Human Jukebox, and Jimmy Davis. Preserved at Fotokem, 2018.


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Portrait of filmmaker Nicholas Doob

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Q&A with Nicholas Doob and Brian Meacham

Filmmaker Nicholas Doob and Yale's managing film archivist Brian Meacham join us at Roxy Cinema for an introduction and post-screening Q&A.

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