Image from the motion picture Daddy Longlegs Image from the motion picture Daddy Longlegs

Daddy Longlegs - 35MM - Hosted by the Singer - Ranaldo Family

Comedy, Drama | 2009 | 100MIN


Benny Safdie
Josh Sadie


Ronald Bronstein
Sage Ranaldo
Frey Ranaldo

Mining the emotional sense memories of their own fractured childhoods, Josh and Benny Safdie craft a by turns empathetic and disquieting portrait of parental dysfunction poised between fierce love and terrifying irresponsibility. Manic Manhattan movie theater projectionist Lenny (cowriter and longtime Safdie collaborator Ronald Bronstein) is perhaps the last person who should be raising kids, yet here he is, trying (and failing) to keep it together as his life unravels over the two whirlwind weeks in which he has custody of his young boys (real-life brothers Sage and Frey Ranaldo), with an impromptu road trip, a sleeping-pill mishap, and a night in jail all part of the chaos. Vérité New York naturalism gives way to flights of surreal lyricism in Daddy Longlegs, a blearily impressionistic anti–fairy tale that finds unexpected humanity in the seemingly most irredeemable of fathers.

Portrait of Leah Singer and Lee Ranaldo

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An evening with the Singer-Ranaldo's

Leah Singer and Lee, Sage and Fray Ranaldo join us at the Roxy Cinema to host the Safdie Brother's 2009 feature Daddy Longlegs on 35MM.

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