Wild Things - 35MM

Crime, Drama, Mystery | 1998 | 108MIN


John McNaughton


Neve Campbell
Denise Richards
Kevin Bacon
Matt Dillon

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The big screen scorcher of 1998, John McNaughton’s Wild Things pairs Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, bringing a bit of the a-list to the steamy world of erotic thrillers. The story uses a teacher-student sex scandal as its jumping off-point, quickly veering into a plot chocked-full of shocking twists, clever reveals and a girl-on-girl pool sex scene that kept this flying off the rental shelves and guaranteed it a vaunted place in softcore history. But in addition to these baser pleasures, Wild Things is a surprising bit of genre fun that elevates above the usual Skinemax faire, thanks in part to the smart scripting of writer Stephen Peters and a top-shelf supporting cast that features Kevin Bacon, Matt Dillon, Theresa Russell, Robert Wagner and Bill Murray.

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