Image from the motion picture Variety Image from the motion picture Variety

Variety - 35MM with intro by Laura Henriksen

Drama | 1983 | 100MIN


Bette Gordon


Sandy Mcleod
Will Patton
Luis Guzmán
Nan Goldin

While writing the script for Variety, Kathy Acker made a note: “Every step forward in desire, remember, needs two backward and around steps.” Variety traces the choreography of desire’s multi-directional steps, as we follow a Times Square porn theater’s newest hire on her journey into fantasy, voyeurism, and a bit of light stalking. To celebrate the publication of her first book, Laura’s Desires, author Laura Henriksen introduces Bette Gordon’s 1983 film Variety.

Laura Henriksen is the author of Laura’s Desires, as well as the chapbooks Agata, Canadian Girlfriends, and October Poems. She lives in Sunset Park, Lenapehoking, works at The Poetry Project, and teaches at Pratt.

Portrait of author Laura Henriksen Portrait of author Laura Henriksen

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Laura Henriksen introduces Variety

Author Laura Henriksen joins us at the Roxy Cinema to introduce Bette Gordon's 1983 film Variety, In commemoration of her forthcoming book, Laura's Desires.

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