Image from the motion picture The Wolf Knife Image from the motion picture The Wolf Knife

Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present | Death Takes A Holiday: The Wolf Knife

Drama | 2010 | 88MIN


Laurel Nakadate


Christina Kolozsvary
Julie Potratz
Dave Cloud

Artist Laurel Nakadate’s discomforting second feature follows two 16-year-old girls from Hollywood, Florida on an impulsive road trip to Tennessee through roadside motel rooms, empty swimming pools, parking lots, and tourist traps. One of the most incisive and accomplished microbudget digital features made circa 2010, The Wolf Knife was described by The New Yorker’s Richard Brody as “a neorealist version of a Lynchian nightmare … rich in disturbing overtones.”

“An extension of Nakadate’s confrontational installation and video work, The Wolf Knife cuts through trite notions of innocence and sexuality by uncomfortably stalking the girls’ inarticulate, aimless relationship with each other and with their voyeuristic onlookers, audience included.” – Brittany Gravely, Harvard Film Archive

Part of Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present: Death Takes a Holiday

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