Image from the motion picture The Hills Have Eyes ('06) Image from the motion picture The Hills Have Eyes ('06)

Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present | Death Takes a Holiday: The Hills Have Eyes - 35MM

Horror, Thriller | 2006 | 107MIN


Alexandre Aja


Aaron Stanford
Ted Levine
Kathleen Quinlan
Emilie de Ravin

For his English-language debut, Haute Tension director Alexandre Aja set about the nearly impossible task of remaking a horror classic—and knocked it out of the trailer park. As in the original, a vacationing Ohio family is trapped in the arid hills of New Mexico while an inverted, literally nuclear family of deformed cannibals plays sadistic games with them. While Aja makes reference to recent US atrocities including the atomic bomb and chemical weapons deployed in Vietnam, the film was unmistakably a pointed satire of War on Terror-era American patriotism. It doesn’t skimp on the violence, including some of the goriest practical effects of its time.

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