Image from the motion picture The Devil's Rejects

Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present | Death Takes A Holiday: The Devil's Rejects - 35MM

Crime, Horror, Western | 2005 | 107MIN


Rob Zombie


Sid Haig
Sheri Moon Zombie
Bill Moseley
William Forsythe

In the self-contained sequel to his debut House of 1,000 Corpses, Rob Zombie goes bigger in every possible way, sending the homicidal Firefly family on a grisly road trip to avenge the death of their brother and rescue their mother from a psychotic sheriff. The Devil’s Rejects is the ultimate grindhouse tribute, putting hundreds of exploitation films and 70s road movies through the meatgrinder and cranking out something that still manages to stand on its own bloody legs. Accordingly it features a who’s who of genre legends: the core cast of Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, and Sheri Moon Zombie is joined by William Forsythe, Matthew McGrory, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, E.G. Daily, Diamond Dallas Page, Michael Berryman, P.J. Soles, Mary Woronov, Kane Hodder, and more. No movie since the 70s has done southern-fried depravity better; it’s worth seeing for the final scene alone, which contains the best possible use of Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.”

Part of Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present: Death Takes a Holiday

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