Image from the motion picture Some Call it Loving Image from the motion picture Some Call it Loving

Some Call it Loving | they don't luv u like i love you

Drama, Fantasy | 1973 | 103MIN

7:00PM 9:30PM
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James B. Harris


Zalman King
Tisa Farrow
Richard Pryor

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Kubrick collaborator James B. Harris (THE KILLING, PATHS OF GLORY) combines magical realism with sumptuous visuals by Mario Tosi (CARRIE, THE STUNT MAN) and a haunting score by Richard Hazzard (XANADU) to create this bizarre and poetic love story co-starring Richard Pryor!

In this modern-day “Sleeping Beauty”, a disillusioned musician (RED SHOE DIARIES auteur Zalman King) obtains a sleazy carnival act and brings home a young girl (Tisa Farrow, ZOMBIE) who’s been asleep for many years. After reviving her, he introduces her to his phantasmagorical world. But as they grow closer, she pines for a life more complex than he can offer.

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