Image from the motion picture Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors Image from the motion picture Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors | Making Waves

Drama, Romance | 1965 | 97MIN


Sergei Parajanov


Ivan Mikolaychuk
Larisa Kadochnikova
Tatyana Bestayeva


This special screening, held in celebration of Parajanov’s centennial, offers a rare glimpse into the enchanting world of the Ukrainian Hutsul people, a mountain community whose culture and traditions extend into neighboring Romania. Set in the Carpathian Mountains, the story follows the star-crossed lovers, Ivan and Marichka, whose passionate bond is tragically tested by ancient feuds and societal pressures. It’s a stunning work of breathtaking beauty, based on a beloved novella by Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky, that transcends the boundaries of language through its vibrant interplay of imagery and evocative music. Lauded by film titans Godard and Tarkovsky, this timeless masterpiece unfolds like a majestic visual symphony of rich colors, symbolism, and dreamlike sequences, drawing inspiration from Ukrainian folk art and mythology, infusing the story with a poetic soul.

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