Image from the HBO miniseries Ren Faire Image from the HBO miniseries Ren Faire

Ren Faire + Q&A with Lance Oppenheim

Documentary | 2024 | 168MIN


Lance Oppenheim


George Coulam
Jeffrey Baldwin
Darla Smith

King George Coulam rules over the Texas Renaissance Festival as its founder, elected mayor, and employer to thousands. But as his power – and the festival’s coffers – have grown, Coulam has hardened into an object of fear. When King George suddenly announces his retirement to focus on his love life, a battle erupts amongst the festival’s body politic. The festival’s general manager and heir apparent must fight for his place in the kingdom against a kettle-corn kingpin and a former elephant trainer, both eager to remake the festival in their own image. Their dramatic succession battle ascends to operatic heights in this three-part docu-fantasia from director Lance Oppenheim, Elara Pictures, and HBO.

Q&A with Lance Oppenheim following screening. Moderated by Sarah Sherman.

Portrait of filmmaker Lance Oppenheim Portrait of filmmaker Lance Oppenheim

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Q&A with Lance Oppenheim

Filmmaker Lance Oppenheim joins us at the Roxy Cinema for a post-film discussion and Q&A following a screening of his new mini-series, Ren Faire. Moderated by Sarah Sherman

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