Image from the motion picture This Is National Wake Image from the motion picture This Is National Wake

Pioneer Works presents: This Is National Wake

Documentary | 2022 | 66MIN

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Mirissa Neff


Ivan Kadey
Gary Khoza
Punka Khoza
Steve Moni

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In 1979, South Africa’s fascist government sought to keep blacks and whites separate and unequal at all costs. But three young men from opposite sides of the color line dared to launch National Wake. THIS IS NATIONAL WAKE recounts the story of the “band that defied apartheid,” whose members and fans smashed every law to rebel — and documented themselves doing so in astonishing Super 8.

Mirissa Neff’s acclaimed documentary is a dreamlike immersion into the wild journey of National Wake—a band whose vision of an anti-racist world resounds as loudly today as their Afro-punk sound.

Co-presented with Pioneer Works. Post-screening Q&A with Mirissa Neff and NYU’s iconic “punk professor” Vivien Goldman.

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