Image from the motion picture Married to Comics Image from the motion picture Married to Comics

Married to Comics + Q&A with John Kinhart and Owen Kline

Documentary | 2023 | 115MIN


John Kinhart


Justin Green
Carol Tyler
R. Crumb

A rare glimpse into the life and art of two giants of autobiographical comics, who are also married. Laying their personal lives to bare in comics, including the intimate details of their troubled marriage, Justin Green and Carol Tyler pioneered and set the bar for one of comics’ most important genres. In 1972, during the height of the Underground Comix movement in San Francisco, Justin changed the course of comics with his magnum opus, “Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary,” about growing up Catholic with OCD. It was one of the earliest examples of an autobiographical comic and immediately influenced Art Spiegelman and Robert Crumb to create their own autobiographical work, inspiring thousands more. After reading Binky, Carol was drawn to San Francisco and to Justin, sparking a romance and marriage. For years Carol worked to distinguish herself in comics and to get out of her husband’s shadow. But when their marriage is put to the ultimate test, they separate and Carol forges a path to her own comic masterpiece, “Soldier’s Heart.” But can the marriage survive their troubled past? “Married to Comics” is a riveting documentary that is a testament to the power of autobiographical comics, and the resilience of love.

Q&A with John Kinhart following screening. Moderated by Owen Kline

Portrait of filmmaker John Kinhart Portrait of filmmaker John Kinhart

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Q&A with John Kinhart and Owen Kline

Filmmaker John Kinhart joins us at the Roxy Cinema for a post-film Q&A and discussion following a screening of his latest documentary, Married to Comics. Moderated by Owen Kline.

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