Image from the motion picture Klute Image from the motion picture Klute

The Double Life Of A Restaurateur | Keith McNally Selects: Klute - 35MM

Crime, Mystery, Thriller | 1971 | 104MIN


Alan J. Pakula


Jane Fonda
Donald Sutherland
Charles Cioffi
Roy Scheider

John Klute (Donald Sutherland), a small-town detective visiting the Big Apple on a missing-persons case, finds a possible lead when he meets call girl Bree Daniel (Jane Fonda, who won the 1972 Best Actress Oscar for her performance). What begins as an antagonistic relationship between a square family man and a city-dwelling, emotionally closed-off woman slowly becomes a genuine love affair. An expert melding of character study and suspense thriller, and the first of several collaborations between director Alan J. Pakula and cinematographer Gordon Willis. 

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