Image from the motion picture Have a Nice Life

Have a Nice Life

Comedy, Drama | 2022 | 82MIN


Prashanth Kamalakanthan


Jagathi Kamalakanthan
Lucy Kaminsky
Onur Tukel

Shot mostly in Kamalakanthan’s native North Carolina, “Have a Nice Life” is a surreal stoner comedy and road movie, tracing the unlikely friendship between Jyothi, a lonely Indian housewife (played by the director’s mother, Jagathi Kamalakanthan), and Sophie, an unemployed stoner musician (Lucy Kaminsky). After hitting dead ends in life, the pair meet by chance at a pawn shop and soon find themselves on the run from the law, together on a wild American road trip from Durham, North Carolina to Montreal, Canada.

Portrait of filmmaker Prashanth Kamalakanthan Portrait of filmmaker Prashanth Kamalakanthan

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Q&A with Prashanth Kamalakanthan

Filmmaker Prashanth Kamalakanthan joins us at Roxy Cinema for a post-film Q&A.

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