Image from the motion picture Equinox Image from the motion picture Equinox

Equinox - 35MM (part of The Many Faces of Matthew Modine)

Crime, Drama, Mystery | 1992 | 110MIN


Alan Rudolph


Matthew Modine
Lara Flynn Boyle
Fred Ward

With sinuous lensing from his frequent ‘90s cinematographer Elliot Davis, Rudolph puts a menacing yet contemplative spin on the storytelling tradition of good twin/bad twin. Matthew Modine expertly delineates his portrayals of the separated at birth brothers; one is a timid mechanic raised by salt-of-the-earth M. Emmet Walsh and pining for Laura Flynn Boyle, while the other is a flashy thug in Fred Ward’s crime ring and married to Lori Singer. Shall the twins meet?

Q&A Moderated by Eric Stoltz 12/2 7:30 PM

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I Am What You Imagine, 2023 (DCP) Director: Matthew Modine
Matthew Modine’s award-winning new short film, I Am What You Imagine, is a sensual exploration of the unexplainable. Featuring the voice talents of Ruby Modine and long-time Kubrick collaborator Leon Vitali (in his final performance), the short uses sound, music, and expressionistic imagery to take viewers on a journey of the heart and mind. Time: 6 minutes


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