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Ondi Timoner Retrospective: Dig! - 35MM

Documentary, Music | 2004 | 107MIN


Ondi Timoner


Anton Newcombe
Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Joel Gion

One of the great rock documentaries of the aughts, Ondi Timoner’s Dig! details the volatile love/hate relationship between throwback indie rockers The Dandy Warhols and the less palatable but arguably more interesting Brian Jonestown Massacre as they both strive for the brass ring of rock stardom. Led by hipster pinup Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the Warhols well-oiled road to success is set against the Jonestown Massacre’s promising start and gradual dissolution, primarily at the hands of charismatic but volatile frontman Anton Newcombe and his anything goes attitude towards hard drugs. Culled together from over seven years of fly-on-the-wall footage, Timoner’s film is alternately hilarious and heartbreaking, easily one of the most truthful portraits of rock n’ roll life outside of the mainstream pop charts. Featuring tons of great music from the Warhols and Jonestown, including spectacular live performances as well as cringe-worthy onstage meltdowns.

Portrait of filmmaker Ondi Timoner Portrait of Film Director Ondi Timoner

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Q&A with Ondi Timoner

Filmmaker Ondi TImoner joins us at the Roxy Cinema for a post-film Q&A

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