Image from the motion picture Dealing Image from the motion picture Dealing

Paul Williams Retrospective: Dealing: Or the Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues

Comedy, Drama, Romance | 1972 | 88MIN


Paul Williams


Robert F. Lyons
Ellen Barber
John Lithgow
Barbara Hershey

Adapted from the Michael and Douglas Crichton novel of the same name, this Ivy League drug movie is kind of like

The Paper Chase meets Le Cercle Rouge with stone faced Robert F. Lyons, who was so compelling in “Getting Straight”, and a cast that includes Barbara Hershey, John Lithgow, Paul Sorvino, Charles Durning, Joy Bang & Demond Wilson (“Sanford & Son”).


Part of the retrospective Harvard, Hollywood, Hitmen and Holy Men: The Films Of Paul Williams.

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