Image from the motion picture Daughters of Darkness Image from the motion picture Daughters of Darkness

Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present | Death Takes A Holiday: Daughters of Darkness

Horror | 1971 | 87MIN


Harry Kümel


Delphine Seyrig
Joh Karlen
Danielle Ouimet

An impossibly chic vampire film, Daughters of Darkness is an ideal vehicle for the magnetic lead Delphine Seyrig, who stakes out a seaside Belgian hotel lobby with her secretary/lover while seducing a wealthy, fashionable couple of newlyweds. Styled after Marlene Dietrich in gowns that glitter in candlelight, Seyrig plays a namesake descendent of Countess Elizabeth Báthory who is no doubt responsible for the recent series of murders of young women in Bruges. As the foursome cozy up to each other, Elizabeth regales the couple with stories of her ancestor, who bathed in the blood of 800 virgins. Subsequently, they all become mired in a hot web of sex, violence, and intrigue while Seyrig’s costumes become ever-more glamorous. Sometimes shown on battered 35mm prints with poor color timing, this screening will be from a new 4K restoration supervised by director Harry Kümel.

Part of Screen Slate & Steak Mtn. Present: Death Takes a Holiday

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