Image from the motion picture Tokyo Cabbageman K Image from the motion picture Tokyo Cabbageman K

Cathode Cinema presents: Japanese Punk Cinema featuring Tokyo Cabbageman K

Comedy | 1980 | 105MIN


Akira Ogata


Katsurô Onoue

“Equal parts Kafka and something cooked in a French New Wave weirdness oven, Tokyo Cabbageman K is a DIY punk odyssey filmed on Super 8 and alive in ways most films are not.
Akira Ogata’s wildly underseen cult masterpiece deals with a young man named K, who discovers one morning that his head has been replaced by a huge Chinese cabbage!
If you’re going to mutate into something, wonders a friend, why a cabbage head and not a vampire?”

Preceded by our pre-show of Japanese experimental classics, DIY oddities and more surprises that are NOT TO BE MISSED!

Preshow 45 Mins Feature 60 Mins

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