Image from the motion picture Caligula Image from the motion picture Caligula

Caligula: The Ultimate Cut

Drama, History | 1979 | 180MIN

8:00PM 9:15PM
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Tinto Brass


Malcolm McDowell
Peter O'Toole
Helen Mirren

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The full, unexpurgated version of Tinto Brass’s infamous soft-porn Roman epic.

Malcolm McDowell stars as the deranged Emperor whose depraved acts include giving his horse political office, sleeping with his own sister and executing anyone who remotely displeases him.

Gore Vidal provides the (uncredited) screenplay. The film, which is punctuated by a sequence of elaborate orgy scenes, remained in limbo for two years as Brass wrangled over the right to a final cut, and various versions have been in circulation over the years since its initial release.

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