Image from the motion picture Bonjour Tristesse Image from the motion picture Bonjour Tristesse

Claire Donato presents: Bonjour Tristesse

Drama, Romance | 1958 | 94MIN


Otto Preminger


Jean Seberg
David Niven
Deborah Kerr

Spoiled Cecile, 17, spends her summer at the French Riviera with her rich, widower, playboy dad and Elsa. Anne, her late mom’s friend, visits and brings changes to all.

Introduced 1/6 by Claire Donato, author of new book Kind Mirrors, Ugly Ghosts.

Claire Donato is the author of three books, most recently Kind Mirrors, Ugly Ghosts (Archway Editions). Recent writing has appeared in Parapraxis, The Brooklyn Rail, Fence, The Chicago Review, The End, Forever, and GoldFlakePaint. She also contributed an introduction to The One on Earth: Selected Works of Mark Baumer (Fence Books). In addition to writing books, Claire makes music, illustrates, and has a 35mm photography practice. Currently, she works as Acting Chairperson of Writing at Pratt Institute. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Woebegone.

Portrait of writer Claire Donato Portrait of writer Claire Donato

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Claire Donato introduces Bonjour Tristesse

Writer Claire Donato joins us 1/6 at the Roxy Cinema to introduce a screening of Bonjour Tristesse in commemoration of the recent publication of her new book, Kind Mirrors, Ugly Ghosts

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