Portrait of Brooke Bundy Portrait of Brooke Bundy

Almost Already Famous presents: Almost Already Gay!

Comedy | 85MIN | 85MIN


Brooke Bundy


Brooke Bundy
Max Jenkins
Ruby McCollister
Spike Einbinder

First your favorite local gays and gay adjacents tell Hollywood Horror stories!

Then a pilot screening of Almost Already Famous… Agnes, a bedraggled actress turned stripper burns bridges as she fights for a role in a hot director’s new film. There’s just one problem–her.

Starring Brooke Bundy, Kate Berlant, Alicia McDaid, Max Jenkins, Nigel DeFriez, Demorge Brown, Ellington Wells, Tierney Finster, Brande Bytheway, Emily Whittemore.

Portrait of comedian Brooke Bundy Portrait of comedian Brooke Bundy

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Comedy Show and Pilot Screening presented by Brooke Bundy

Brooke Bundy and a selection of New York comic friends join us at Roxy Cinema for an evening of comedy and a screening of her pilot, Almost Already Famous.

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