Portrait of filmmaker Jack Smith

A Jack Smith Tribute with Ken Jacobs and J. Hoberman

Experimental, Biography | 1963 | 2006 | 135MIN


Jack Smith
Ken Jacobs


Jack Smith
Bob Fleischner

A tribute to Jack Smith presented by Ken Jacobs and J. Hoberman, featuring:

Two Wrenching Departures (2006, 90MIN, Digital)

Made in response to the death of his friends Bob Fleischner and Jack Smith, who died within one week of each other in 1989, this feature includes footage from Jacobs’s Star Spangled to Death showing Smith perambulating through downtown Manhattan, as well as views of Fleischner from Jacobs’s 1961 short The Whirled.

Flaming Creatures (1963, 45MIN, 16mm)

An experimental film that features graphic sexual imagery, an earthquake, and a lipstick commercial.

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