The New Essentials By Nicolas Rapold

Back in the day, “Essential Cinema” was the name given to a (still thriving) canonical collection of movies created by the great Anthology Film Archives decades ago. Anthology’s ambition was to define the art of cinema, but mine is a little more humble: I just love these movies from the 2000s, and I want you to see them in all their glory. The twisty nature of time’s passage has sent too many good movies into a postmillennial memory hole, and it is high time for them to shine on the big screen again.


And so, welcome to the New Essentials Cinema Series at Roxy Cinema New York! It’s a showcase of a time when many filmmakers were hitting bold and beautiful new highs, often forgotten now—when new directions in international cinema were exploding left and right—and when film and not digital was still largely the modus operandi. You won’t hear me saying that these are the only movies to remember from the 2000s, like some mad Noah’s Ark of cinema. But I will stand by their absolute loveliness!


The series launches into space with Morvern Callar, Lynne Ramsay’s second feature, starring Samantha Morton (soon to be seen in She Said and The Whale). A mesmerizing story of walking out on life (from Scotland to Spain), with a soundtrack featuring Can, Boards of Canada, and Nancy Sinatra. A moody fantasy of leaving the past behind that loomed large in the sensualist dreamscape of cinema in the 2000s.


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