Image from the motion picture Times For

The Carnal Screen: Times For - 16MM

Experimental, Romance, Fantasy | 1970 | 80MIN


Stephen Dwoskin


Maurice Colbourne
Verity Bargate
Carolee Schneemann

Programmed in conjunction with Filmmaker’s Co-op and Museum of Sex. Intro by Sean Price Williams

TIMES FOR is a larger entry into dream reality. An unfulfilled man renders himself to the unrealized sensuality of four women. In his drifting search he fails and fades in the same loneliness as the women. The film is the reality and a metaphor for the intensities of sexual experience. “… His camera is a never-static instrument of his intrusion into the fantasy/reality of the relationships he is dealing with and forming …. TIMES FOR is one of the few erotic masterpieces.” – program note, National Film Theatre, London

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