Image from the motion picture The November Men Image from the motion picture The November Men

Paul Williams Retrospective: The November Men - 35MM

Thriller, Drama | 1993 | 98MIN


Paul Williams


James Andronica
Leslie Bevis
Beau Starr
Paul Williams

A mind-F of an assassination thriller/political satire that achieves the same level of pleasing disorientation as Orson Welles’s “F For Fake” but with more teeth. Paul Williams plays a director who was a 1960’s radical. Now, after eight years of Reagan and two years of Bush, this director decides to make a movie about a director who makes a movie about assassinating George HW Bush as a cover for actually assassinating George HW Bush. This is a LOW budget film which only makes it seem more like it might actually be what it is pretending to be.

Part of the retrospective Harvard, Hollywood, Hitmen, and Holy Men: The Films Of Paul Williams.

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