Image from the motion picture Put Blood in the Music Image from the motion picture Put Blood in the Music

The Films of Charles Atlas: Put Blood in the Music + Q&A

Documentary, Music, Experimental | 1989 | 75MIN


Charles Atlas


John Zorn
Sonic Youth
Spy Vs. Spy

Q&A with director Charles Atlas moderated by Lee Ranaldo following screening.

Put Blood in the Music is a unique documentary on the downtown New York music scene. In a collage of music, performance and commentary, Atlas captures the energy and pluralism that characterize this urban milieu. Reflecting the eclecticism of his subject, Atlas re-structures the conventional “talking head” format to allow a fragmented, fast-paced compendium of voices and sounds, ranging from music critic John Rockwell of The New York Times to street musicians. Focusing on such influential downtown figures as John Zorn, and featuring performances by Zorn, Sonic Youth, Hugo Largo and others, this is less a documentary than a cultural document, a vivid time capsule of the contemporary New York music scene.

The Roxy Cinema was inspired by the recent Charles Atlas show, A Prune Twin at Luhring Augustine in New York, to organize a screening of some of his films. Luhring Augustine will co-host the screenings at Roxy Cinema with artist Charles Atlas.


Portrait of filmmaker Charles Atlas Portrait of filmmaker Charles Atlas

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Put Blood in the Music Q&A with Charles Atlas

Filmmaker Charles Atlas joins us at the Roxy Cinema for a post-film discussion and Q&A following a screening of his documentary Put Blood in the Music. Conversation moderated by musician (and subject) Lee Ranaldo.

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