Image from the motion picture Like a Dream Image from the motion picture Like a Dream

Apartamento Magazine presents: Like a Dream

Experimental, Comedy | 2024 | 74MIN


Marianna Rothen


Marianna Rothen

Like a Dream is an autobiographical, parodic, experimental film of a teenage girl leaving her home to become an international fashion model in the late 90’s, early ‘00’s. Through multiple vignettes, Like a Dream chronicles Young Girl’s journey into the outside world from her small- town existence in Canada, to New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Young Girl finds her identity being molded to suit the standard and we see her struggle to cope with the pressures of a business fixated on perfection, beauty, youth, and superficiality. She feels used up and under compensated, leading to her decline suffering from depression and alcoholism.
The filmmaker Marianna Rothen plays herself as the character Young Girl and is accompanied by a cast of male and female plastic mannequins. The scenes in the film are based on situations that Rothen was confronted with while working as a model. She has utilized much of her original memorabilia in the film, including; old model portfolios, diary entries, travel pictures, and clothes. Rothen has written, directed, produced, edited, and filmed the entire piece, in her home studio: a former 50’s male entertainment venue, in the Catskill mountains of Upstate New York.

Q&A with Marianna Rothen and Svetlana Kitto following screening.

This event is hosted by Apartamento Magazine.

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