Image from the motion picture Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions - 35MM

Drama, Romance | 1999 | 97MIN


Roger Kumble


Ryan Phillippe
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Reese Witherspoon
Selma Blair

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Updating Pierre Choderlos’ Dangerous Liaisons for the late 90s, Roger Kumble’s Cruel Intentions transposes perfectly to the wealthy, private school teen set of New York City. Stepping out of her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar ably anchors the twisting tale of sexual politics, bringing a fierce, calculating performance in her role as the film’s central manipulator, Kathryn. Matching her cruelty is Ryan Phillipe as Sebastian, the dashing playboy step-brother who Kathryn coerces into seducing a seemingly naive classmate (Selma Blair), even as he sets his sights on the virgin daughter (Reese Witherspoon) of the school headmaster. A deliciously sordid bit of glamour, dirty dealings and double-crossing, well-worthy of its source material and reputation as a sequel spawning cult favorite.

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