Image from the motion picture Gabbeh Image from the motion picture Gabbeh

Cinema Tehran presents: Gabbeh

Drama, Mystery, Romance | 1996 | 75MIN


Mohsen Makhmalbaf


Shaghayeh Djodat
Hossein Moharami
Rogheih Moharami

To celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and the arrival of spring, Cinema Tehran presents Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s banned film ‘Gabbeh’.
When an old couple washes their gabbeh – a type of Persian rug – a young woman magically appears and tells them her life story. Gabbeh is a brilliantly colorful, profoundly romantic ode to beauty, nature, love and art. Mohsen Makhmalbaf originally traveled to the remote steppes of southeastern Iran to document the lives of an almost extinct tribe of nomads.

Feature will be preceded by Karpo Godina’s short film Litany of Happy People

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