Weyes Blood Take Over At Roxy Cinema

Weyes Blood loves the movies, she even has a song about it. Natalie Mering took over an entire weekend of programming at the Roxy Cinema. The result was a sold out weekend of shows and inspiring Q&A’s that happened every night. Watch a recap of the Paul Schrader focused Q&A about Hardcore.

 It was called the Freaky Film Series and horror films were the star of the show. We re-examined American Werewolf In London, Possession, Funeral Parade Of Roses, Rebecca, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Hardcore through the lens of Weyes Blood. The liminal space where music and film meet is always the most interesting. Roxy Cinema loves to have in their favorite musicians and see the films that stoke their flames of creativity.

Weyes Blood Q&A

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