Slow Machine Cast Q&A at Roxy Cinema - Watch Now

Slow Machine had a special screening at the Roxy Cinema New York and brought in actors Chloe Sevigny, Eleanor Friedberger, Scott Shepherd and director Joe DeNardo for a Q&A after the film with Cinema Director Illyse Singer. Co-director Paul Felten joined by phone call.

“Simultaneously high stakes and low-key, “Slow Machine,” the enigmatic debut feature of Joe DeNardo and Paul Felten, who also wrote it, follows a Swedish actress named Stephanie (Stephanie Hayes). She becomes romantically involved with Gerard (Scott Shepherd), an intelligence agent for the New York Police Department, and bunks with indie musicians upstate, including Eleanor Friedberger (as herself). Along the way, Stephanie attends an A.A. meeting and grabs drinks with Chloë Sevigny (playing a prickly version of herself) — both events are slightly interrupted by a possible bomb threat.

Difficult to describe and confounding to follow, the film is best when you submit to the surreal nature of it; then, you will be open to witnessing one of this year’s most mesmerizing movies unfold. Films of such lo-fi aesthetics rarely feel this major.”- NY TIMES


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