Will You Be Our Valentine?

We love Valentine’s Day so much that we open up our doors for lovers no matter what night of the week Cupid shoots his bow. Our jewel box theater is the perfect setting for a romantic date night on February 14th. Sink into sumptuous red velvet seats with your sweetie and fall in love with our Valentine’s Day programming this year.


AT 6:00PM, catch music legends Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur in the 90’s classic, Poetic Justice on 35MM. Director John Singleton’s sophomore feature shows that love can bloom anywhere, even after experiencing pain and loss. This is one road trip worth taking, especially on Valentine’s Day.


At 8:15 PM, we have Wild At Heart, possibly the greatest love story ever made for the big screen. Director David Lynch was at his most fearless when he made this film, a mood that suited the film’s love-crazed couple played by Nicolas Cage and Laura Dean. We’ll be showing the X rated 35MM print on Valentine’s Day, the same one Nicolas Cage watched with us when he did his epic Q&A at Roxy Cinema.


AT 10:45PM, we finish with the mind-bending Cameron Crowe film,  Vanilla Sky on 35MM. Tom Cruise asked Cameron to make this film after he optioned the rights after seeing the original Spanish film Abre Los Ojos at Sundance. It truly is one of the most wild, thrilling romances there is.  It’s rumored that Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise fell in love while filming this movie and were together for 3 years after Tom left Nicole. This movie has not screened in NYC in over a decade.


We’ve just got one question for you. Will you be our Valentine?

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