Maggie Dunlap Pulls One Over

In celebration of her recent Male Fantasies hoodie release on Metalabel, Artist Maggie Dunlap introduces Jackass: The Movie at Roxy Cinema as an illustration of self-injurious entertainment as performance art akin to the work of artists like Chris Burden, Vito Acconci, and Marina Abromovic.

Transgressive not just for its scatological tendencies or occasional gushes of blood, but for the gleeful self-efface-and-defacement of oft naked men performing absurdist pranks and dangerous stunts which subvert and skewer “masculinity.” An irreverent display of masculinity and a simultaneous critique of it, Jackass is a cultural artifact that is deeply unserious but has had a formative and lasting impact on the artist.

Dunlap presents Jackass as a joyous counterpart to the sadism, masochism, violence, and homoeroticism Klaus Theweleit writes of in Male Fantasies. Hoodies will be available for purchase at The Roxy Cinema on 6/22 courtesy of Metalabel.

Recommended reading:

Male Fantasies by Klaus Theweleit

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