Ciao! Manhattan 50 Year Anniversary Screening

Edie Sedgwick stars as an Andy Warhol Superstar (herself, mostly) who’s come and gone in the cult classic film, Ciao! Manhattan. Rarely seen in 35mm, we are delighted to show this pristine print for its 50th Anniversary!

Edie’s only feature film, Ciao! is a time capsule of the end of the sixties. Made over a period of five years, filming started in New York 1967 – in black and white – and ended in the colorful bottom of a swimming pool apartment in Santa Barbara, 1970.

In the mid 60’s, Edie was a muse to Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan. She developed her own legendary style, and was an influencer. Vogue magazine named Edie Girl of the Year in 1965. But the story behind the beauty and the iconic makeup is tragic – an enormous amount of pain in her past, and a downward spiral into drugs at the end.

Ciao! Manhattan, completed after Edie’s death at only age 28, gives us a chance to examine the weight of fame and the condition of the youth of America, 50 years ago.

Inside it all is Edie – still an inspiration to so many artists and still a cautionary tale. We are thrilled to have special guests Bibbe Hansen and Danny Fields with us to talk about the Edie they knew. Bibbe Hansen was a 16 year old girl when she starred in a Warhol film with Edie, and was captivated by her bold style and natural talent. Danny Fields knew her through scenes in Cambridge and New York, and once took Leonard Cohen to meet her at her hotel room at the Chelsea. Danny says that everyone fell in love with Edie.

Kinga Syrek fell in love with Edie and made her first movie about her. We will open with a special presentation of Too Late; a short animated film which explores Edie’s haunted past and enigmatic life. The soundtrack was produced by Ciao! Manhattan producer and music legend Robert Margouleff.

The evening will be hosted by photographer Kristin Gallegos.

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