Celebrating Ennio Morricone

Italian film maestro Ennio Morricone’s music is a genre in itself, and the mark he left on cinema is undeniable. As we celebrate what would have been Morricone’s 95th birthday, it’s only fitting to explore the profound impact of his compositions on some iconic films, which will be screening at the Roxy Cinema to honor the maestro.

“I Cannibali” (The Cannibals): Liliana Cavani’s retelling of the Greek tragedy Antigone, shot during the 1968 counterculture movement in Milan, takes us on a journey through the avant-garde and features the mesmerizing talents of Britt Ekland, Pierre Clémenti and my favorite western actor Tomas Milian. It’s not just the captivating storyline but also the Ennio Morricone soundtrack that makes it a must-see, enveloping the audience in the film’s emotional depth and enigmatic narrative. As we revisit “I Cannibali” on the big screen, we pay tribute to Morricone’s genius.

“The Untouchables”: Brian De Palma’s crime drama about the Chicago Prohibition era conflict between Eliot Ness and gangster Al Capone, is an iconic piece of cinema, and Morricone’s music amplifies its intensity. His score adds depth and emotion to the cat-and-mouse game between the law and the mob, becoming a character in its own right. The film is a testament to Morricone’s versatility and his ability to elevate storytelling through music.

“The Mission”: Directed by Roland Joffé, “The Mission” is a cinematic gem that delves into the complexities of faith, redemption, and colonialism. Morricone’s score, which won him an Oscar, is a masterpiece in itself, enhancing the film’s powerful themes and emotions. The music becomes a spiritual experience, echoing the beauty and tragedy of the narrative.

Ennio Morricone’s music is a language that transcends time and space. It’s the heart and soul of the stories he helped tell on the silver screen.

To celebrate Ennio Morricone, The Roxy Cinema will be showing both The Untouchables and The Mission on stunning 35MM, as well as I Cannibali on Nov 10th and 11th.


Words By Alix Brown

Scene from the film, I Cannibali

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