Ava Pearlman Presents: It Girls

Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face

Now that we’ve paid homage to It Boys and our biggest Teen Beat crushes, it was time to turn our gaze towards the women that made Hollywood shine in the Golden Era. Current fashionista Ava Pearlman shines a light on some of the most influential mid-century It Girls with her new monthly film series at The Roxy Cinema.

Hepburn, Garbo and Garland are names that come to mind when thinking about feminine glamour of the 1930’s-1960’s. These starlets were known as pillars of classic beauty that represent a divine balance between animated performance and refined composure. Ava has often found inspiration from them, which is also reflected in her new line of evening gowns, All The Rage.

First up in the It Girl Series is FUNNY FACE, a musical comedy that pairs the unlikely couple of a young model played by Audrey Hepburn and a mature fashion photographer played by Fred Astaire. The young model reluctantly agrees to the Paris jaunt provided she gets to meet her favorite philosopher. The fashion photographer, seeking a woman filled with both beauty and depth, eventually falls for our It Girl in this academy nominated musical directed by Stanley Donen.

Other upcoming It Girl features will include Barbra Streisand in ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER and Judy Garland in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Eva Pearlman

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